Sunday 9 August 2015

O Come All Ye Migrants

Rod Liddle is on form today at The Sunday Times, having his say on the Songs of Praise controversy: 


  1. It is hard to belief that Rod was once a Beeboid !

  2. It certainly is!

    This was just as un-BBC-like (and funny):


    A terrible thing to happen. An Algerian man was awoken by a noise coming from somewhere inside his apartment.

    Stealthily he crept into the living room — and was confronted by a hideous and malevolent apparition. A thief, come to steal his belongings!

    Then things took a turn for the worse. With a dawning sense of horror, he realised it wasn’t an interloper at all but the woman he had married the previous day, now shorn of her make-up and the usual Darth Vader outfit. Yes, his new wife. He had never properly seen her before.

    He is now suing the woman for inflicting “psychological suffering” on him by being, as the Americans would put it, a moose. He wants £13,000. Seems fair enough to me.


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