Saturday 8 August 2015

Two results for 'BBC Watch'

Talking about BBC bias and Israel...

Hadar's BBC Watch has been achieving some results recently, getting the BBC to correct errors in two BBC website articles within the past week alone. 

BBC Watch is going from strength to strength at the moment. 

As ever though, it remains factual errors alone that the BBC seems prepared to acknowledge (largely behind the scenes). Admitting to bias seems to remain beyond them (except when 'admitting' being overly-accommodating to 'climate change sceptics').

And, as BBC Watch have been the first to point out this week, the corrections (including the footnotes informing BBC website readers that a correction has been made) are unlikely to be widely read, given that the offending articles have already slipped off the radar by this time. 

BBC Watch wants a dedicated corrections page on the BBC website, which sounds reasonable for a public service broadcaster... which I'd add: and a link to it from the BBC News home page. 


  1. Well done, BBC Watch. But remember, boys and girls, we're supposed to dismiss the blog entirely simply because it's a one person operation (Was that Evan Davis? Can't remember. I'll come across it my research at some point).

    1. Wasn't it Jon Donnison? Evidently rattled, he pursued the "one woman on the Golan Heights" angle on Twitter.

      Not at all impartially, naturally.

    2. Yes, I think you're right. Donnison.


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