Monday 10 August 2015

Swarm of the day

"Matthew Correspondent"

I don’t know how it came about that Matthew Price was co-hosting Today this morning with James Naughtie. He’s been openly expressing his pro-immigration sentiment recently, so when he mentioned David Cameron’s use of the word ‘swarm’ several times, it jarred. 

Let’s hear the argument for indiscriminate immigration if that’s what he believes in, not constant snidey references to ‘swarm’. Oh how irritating it is when people get away with lazy innuendo instead of honest debate.   

I hope he isn’t going to be a permanent fixture on Today.


  1. If he is, let's hope he is captioned 'European Price'.

    Some may feel it's a high one to be forced to pay.

  2. I wondered who the F the irritating twerp was. I thought it was James O'Brien but it seems no.


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