Tuesday 3 November 2015

Bring back the wolves!

The extent to which the BBC is in hock to 'the Green Blob' is a fascinating question. I was thinking about that only last night in relation to the BBC's natural history unit. 

Watching Chris Packham's Autumnwatch Unsprung, there was an interview with environmentalist and Guardian columnist George Monbiot about re-wilding - i.e. bringing back cranes, storks, lynx and wolves (etc) to the UK. 

Chris Packham may have asked for alternative views from the audience at the end (only one woman dared put up her hand), but his line of questioning was entirely helpful to George Monbiot's campaign, both, in tandem, helping make re-wilding seem attractive, practicable and something that farmers (especially sheep farmers) should have no cause to fear - indeed, which could very well help such farmers in these increasingly difficult times. 

Links to pro-re-wilding websites also flowed from both Chris and George Monbiot.

Now, it was unquestionably and demonstrably biased (and very close to campaigning), but...

It's Chris Packham (a man never short of opinions), it's 'Autumnwatch', it's on the BBC's red button and the iPlayer rather than BBC Two, so does it 'count'? Does it get a free pass? 

I can't really see why it doesn't count as a clear example of pro-environmentalist BBC bias.

Please watch it and judge for yourselves.

Anyhow, it's nearly time for tonight's Autumnwatch and Autumnwatch Unsprung, so I'll bid you good night. I love Autumnwatch and Autumnwatch Unsprung.

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