Sunday 15 November 2015

Bye bye Radio Times, hello Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph's new media correspondent Patrick Foster used to work at the Radio Times (the BBC's former listings magazine whose letters page was so sycophantic towards the BBC that it used to make Feedback and Points of View feel like the Spanish Inquisition on steroids). 

Patrick seems to have shed a good deal of that Radio Times pro-BBC bias now that he's at the Telegraph, though not his fascination with the BBC. Since joining the paper last month the majority of his pieces have been about the BBC (by my rough reckoning, 23 out of 37). Several are not very helpful to the BBC at all, and I recommend them to you here:
His latest piece informs us that the BBC are about to revive Porridge. I'm betting that Mr Barraclough is reborn as Ms Barraclough, HMP Slade's first transgender prison officer. 

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  1. Only if the revamped Barraclough is the most competent, sharpest guard in the show. Same goes for if they make him black. Can't portray either 'oppressed' class as incompetent or not very bright. If anything, Fletcher will be black and an innocent jailed due to a racist justice system. It's probably required by BBC target guidelines somewhere.


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