Sunday 15 November 2015

Rabble rousing cartoonists and Jewish people

Is it me or is there something unintentionally revealing in Hugh Scofield’s words. “They may have taken refuge” (weird phrase to use in the light of the current refugee situation)  “in the notion that the targets then were rabble-rousing cartoonists and Jewish people.” 

What what??

Is he saying “before Friday the majority weren’t bothered because they thought the  threat was confined to those who had been demonstrably provocative ....“Rabble-rousing cartoonists and Jewish people.”

I despair.


  1. Well that is going to go down well all round. Nice one, Hugh.

    Hot hot on the heels of:


    Not too sure how much more 'poor phrasing' the BBC can force people to pay for under threat of fine or prison.

  2. Outrageous! And also untrue. Most reporters have indicated that Parisians have been fearing further terrorist attacks that would put that at risk personally.


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