Sunday 22 November 2015


You may have read in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express or Metro, etc, about Nissar Hussain, a Christian convert who was violently attacked outside his home in Bradford. 

He was beaten with a pickaxe handle by two men while on the way to his car. He's now in hospital with a broken hand and kneecap. 

Both he and his wife converted to Christianity in 1996 and, according to reports, have experienced intimidation and violence from the Muslim community following their appearance in a 2008 Channel 4 documentary on the mistreatment on converts. (It's not surprising that such a documentary was on Channel 4 rather than the BBC).

The left-liberal media, The Guardian, The Independent and, of course, the BBC are avoiding reporting this story...

...though, in fairness, listeners to the BBC Asian Network might have heard about it. Nihal did an interview with Nissar and his daughter Anniesa about the intimidation they've been facing on the channel a few weeks before the attack (on 27th October). If you're not a listener to the BBC Asian Network, however, your chances of having heard about it on the BBC appear next to zero. 

The differing priorities of various news organisations becomes all too apparent when these kind of news stories arise. The tabloids and right-leaning broadsheets go one way, the left-leaning broadsheets and the BBC go the other. Each have their own biases when it comes to choosing what to report and what not to report.

The BBC, of course, is different to the rest in that it's not supposed to have any such biases.


  1. Tomorrow night on Channel 4 - ISIS : The British Women Supporters Unveiled. Beeboids - John Ware excepted - will watch in horror. Not horror at these British women, obviously, but horror that Channel 4 could broadcast such a thing.

    1. "Filmed during a 12-month undercover investigation, this programme reveals the British women glorifying jihadis and promoting an ideology that is supportive of Islamic State. Investigating their activities on social media and infiltrating their clandestine meetings, the undercover reporter discovers the identities of some of the leading female IS sympathisers in Britain who are urging Muslims to abandon democracy and travel to Syria to join Isis."

      That sounds like very brave reporting from Channel 4.

  2. Yep, This story should be front page. It goes to the heart of how we should deal with the Sharia threat. It seems clear the Police are not making any serious effort to identify and arrest the perpetrators. It's Rotheram all over again.

    We need to ensure that any Muslim who wants either to leave his religion or advocate reform of Islam is fully free to do so. Any attempt to prevent people exercising their rights should be met with 20 year sentences.


  3. But making a big story about this might give permission for prejudice. Also, it's more evidence that the BBC values people's lives according to who kills them. Or, in this case, who assaults them.

    Having said that, I also would say that I've heard Nihal's show a few times over the years, and he's generally a rare credit to the BBC, although I may have complained about him once or twice.

    1. I''ve got a soft spot for Nihal too. He's certainly no BBC drone.

      This is still a treat to listen to (well, the audio embedded in it):

    2. Yes but Nihal’s insistence that getting complaints from both sides means “we must be getting it right” rather spoils the effect.


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