Sunday 1 November 2015

Engaging the public

Talking about the BBC's reporting of Shaker's return to our green and pleasant land, here are a couple of BBC reporters responding to criticism of their reporting of the story on Radio 4's PM.

First, home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani:

And then veteran reporter Hugh Sykes:


  1. The BBC has not been giving the people the facts about the Amer case.

    As this story shows:

    No mention of the false Belgian passport he was found to have on his person.

    They refer to him as "British" in the first para when he is no such thing. The description of him as a Saudi national, comes several paras later.

    "Mr Aamer is said to be relaxed about such prospects and has asked his lawyers to make clear he believes he has a "contract" to honour with the people of Britain." Can Mr Casciani and his colleagues be so stupid as not to ask some questions about what this "contract" refers to? Anyone who knows anything about Islamic Sharia law and the ways of Islamic militants knows this must refer to the 10 year truces Muslims are allowed to enter into with non-Muslim powers or some other interpretation of the law which allows a believer to "suspend" hostilities temporarily. Why do reporters not enquire further about this odd statement?

    1. Hopefully people like Robin Simcox and, through the Spectator and his occasional BBC appearances, Douglas Murray will get to bring some of this to BBC viewers attention.

      Dominic Casciani's reporting often leaves a lot to be desired. His way of thinking is very different to my own and he's no less biased than I am.


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