Saturday 14 November 2015

"Typically hardline"

Here's a telling moment in the BBC's live blog of the unfolding events in Paris, as spotted by a commenter at Biased BBC:

The interesting phrase there is "typically hardline".

That's the only instance I can find in the entire live blog where the BBC reporters responsible (Yaroslav Lukov and Thom Poole) engage in a spot of out-and-out editorialising.

Marine le Pen's "typically hardline" positions were:
  1. "For the sixth time in 2015, Islamist terrorism has hurt our country. France is crying for its dead and I am crying with it,"
  2. "It is essential France retakes control of its borders, definitively."
  3. "Fundamentalist Islam must be destroyed, radical mosques closed, radical imams expelled."
All of that strikes me as being less "hardline" than President Hollande's "We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless" - though I doubt we'll ever see anyone at the BBC editorialising to that effect.

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  1. And I think it was Emily Maitlis who referred to FN the other night on Newsnight as "extremist". It's a view but not an "impartial" view.


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