Sunday, 4 November 2018

Below the belt

Well, if you missed Andrew Marr v Arron Banks this morning, let's just say it got rather heated. Here it is at its hottest, with Mr Banks taking a very personal pop at the BBC presenter:
AM: This is all getting too complicated. Eight...
AB: Yeah, it will be now because you just want to smear me.
AM: No, I don't want to smear you...
AB: Yeah, you do. 
AM: I want to know, £8 million,  biggest donation in British political history, came from companies involved with you into Leave.EU. Where did the money originally come from? 
AB: Andrew. Andrew. It's not like I'm using a super-injunction to try to hide my affairs here...
AM: Where did the money originally come from?
AB: I'm telling you. It came from a UK company...


  1. Just watched this interview. I'm glad Banks came out of his corner fighting straight away, and stayed fighting.
    Who knows what the truth is, but one thing can be said - if this story just drops of the radar, we can assume Banks is innocent. That's the problem now - some media just puts the boot in early to get the message out then goes silent when the narrative gets shaky.

  2. Banks was interviewed by Sky News and ITV News on his arrival at Broadcasting House. Once again, EU flags were waved within feet of the interview. I would guess this was on BBC property. We might conclude that this EU flag-waving can only occur with BBC acquiescence if not at their instigation and with their approval.