Saturday, 3 November 2018

Green cake and other stories

The BBC’s relentless pandering to the Palestinian ‘cause’ (eliminating Israel)  is encapsulated on this page. 

They’ve highlighted a vignette, first featured in Simon Reeve’s Mediterranean travels  - no, not Israel’s fantastic desalination plant - but some gushing propaganda about  “Green Cake” -  also noted here.

It’s a display of the BBC’s unadulterated anti-Israel emoting, side by side with various similarly themed items. 

The one about Palestinian forces torturing critics is unusually critical of something ‘Palestinian’, but unless you click on the link and follow through you might be misled by the scare quotes around ‘torturing critics’, not to mention the scare quotes surrounding ‘killed planting a bomb’ in another title.

These short video items clearly illustrate the BBC’s accelerated journey towards dumbed-down land.

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  1. I commented on this on the Open Thread as follows:

    There are some stories that tick all the boxes, and then there are some stories that tick all the boxes AND give the BBC an orgasm. This is one such:

    - Female TICK
    - Female entrepreneur TICK
    - Ethnic minority TICK
    - Islam TICK
    - Hijab TICK
    - Palestinian TICK
    - Israel as warmonger TICK
    - Israel blockading Gaza TICK
    - Gaza TICK
    - Destruction of poor persecuted Gaza TICK
    - Recycling TICK
    - Global warming TICK