Thursday, 8 November 2018

It's enough to make you start peering over the top of your glasses

So, Dame Jenni Murray has pulled out of a talk at Oxford University after three student groups called for her to be no-platformed because of her 'transphobic' views. She was intending to talk about 'Powerful British Women in History' (unsurprisingly), but some students wanted her 'publicly condemned' and 'if possible' for the event to be 'cancelled'. What a remarkable state of affairs - one of the most politically correct BBC presenters isn't politically correct enough for some Oxford University students and, thus, other Oxford University students won't get to hear her! 


  1. She did preside over a Women's Power List a few years ago which featured an American man of mature years who hadn't done anything as a woman but declared he wished to be a woman. Doesn't that count for anything with the zealots? It's interesting too how they claim piously that they are concerned for the welfare of their special group. Such earnest concern doesn't extend to the welfare of anybody else.

    You have to laugh at an Education Editor who doesn't know how to spell 'publicly'. Journalists these days!

  2. It is difficult not to crack a wry smile. But historically so-called progressives have always turned on their own. Who next for the metaphorical guillotine? Owen Jones?