Friday, 9 November 2018

Pub 'Question Time'

Oooh, a spot of mystery tonight, courtesy of our Samira...

So not David Coverdale or Ian Gillan then. (I love a quiz.)

So which hard rock band's lead singer will have his moaning email about Arron Banks being interviewed on #Marr read out - or, more properly put, 'platformed' - by Samira's Newswatch tonight?  

If it's perennial loudmouth and Israel hater Roger Waters of Pink Floyd - last heard of being booed and cheered for 15 minutes in Brazil for slagging off the new president there - then I'm claiming a prize. But as he's still in South America (in Argentina at the moment I think) it surely can't be him (though I still wouldn't be surprised if it was him)? 

So if it isn't Roger Waters, who can it be? 

How exciting! Any ideas? 

Jon Bon Jovi? Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden? Brian Johnson, formerly of AC/DC (please let it be him and let him sing his email in his magnificent trademark high-pitched, tight-trousered,  screeching and scratching style. God bless Brian Johnson!)? Or whoever used to be lead singer of Def Leppard? Or that guy, Mr Lordi, who dressed as a monster for Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest? The mighty Thor, of Thunder in the Tundra fame? (Am I the only British person who remembers that song? It was the early 80's and I had a cassette recorder and randomly recorded it, as you did back them, from Tommy Vance's late night Friday night Radio One rock show. And I've never forgot it).  Or Ozzy Osbourne?

I'm all on tenterhooks now.


  1. Well it ain't Lemmy...

    Bruce Dickinson supported Brexit - but he might have written into to support Banks being on Marr, I the interests of "faux balance".

    This is one of Samira's favourite topics...who should be given a platform...sometimes it feels like she only wants Samira to have a platform which would be on the Samira Show, on Samira TV, also available as a box set from Samiraflix.

    1. I'm ruling Bruce out because Samira seems to be implying that it's going to be complaints about Arron Banks appearing on #Marr.

      It sure is one of Samira's favourite topics. Away from 'Newswatch' she often comes close to being a hardline no-platformer.

      And being a Radio 4 presenter of a certain age (no offence), if it's someone like Israel-hating virtue signaller Roger Waters I bet she'll be overjoyed.

  2. David Coverdale was lead singer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake (after he left Deep Purple).

    So I suspect quiz answer is that the viewer is called David Coverdale but not THE David Coverdale.

    1. That, sir, is a very fine train of deduction. It follows on logically from Samira's tweet.

      If you're right, we'll award you our special ITBB Sherlock Holmes Prize, which will give you The Freedom of the Blog for Life.

      Maybe though THE David Coverdale has moved on and formed a new anti-Brexit hard rock band, (appropriately) called Deep Snake.

      As you do, I've just listened to Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again On My Own', which was one of my favourites in my un-hip early teens. It's been about 35 years since I last heard it. It's less "hobo" and more "permed hairstyle" (and synth) than I remember it, but it's still a good tune.

      "Songs of yesterday".