Saturday 8 February 2014

Inevitable things

What's the most inevitable thing in the world? 

Death? Taxes? Entropy? Marcus Brigstocke making a joke about The Daily Mail? Me using Marcus Brigstocke in a joke about crap Radio 4 comedians? 

No, there's something even more inevitable than any of these things...and it's something that was inevitable even before I knew it was inevitable. 

It begins with the likelihood, in light of the opening of the Winter Olympics in Vlad's Russia, that Radio 4's Sunday would do a feature related to the games tomorrow. (And the programme's website indeed confirms this will happen.)

But that's not the inevitable thing. No, the inevitable thing is the angle they're going for. 

Can you guess what it is? Can you guess what they have chosen to discuss vis a vis the Sochi games? 

I bet you can. It's inevitable after all. Go on, give it a try!

Is it something sport-related? No.

Is it something to do with the involvement of Russian Orthodox priests in Sochi? No. 

Is it something about how Russia's Jews are doing something good in connection with the Sochi games? Certainly not. 

Something Muslim-related? Strangely not.

Is is something to do with corruption then? No. 

Something about Pussy Riot? Well, that was a possibility, but...No. 

Is it Henry, the mild-manner janitor? No.

So what is it? 

Well, given that the BBC has been banging on about little else with regards to Russia for months now - and not even Putin's support for Assad in Syria has trumped it -  you should have worked it out by now. I don't want to sound stern, but you really should.

Yes, it's Putin's new law on homosexuality of course:
Sochi Olympics and the extent to which Putin's new law on homosexuality reflects the views of church and people. Anastasia Uspenskaya reports from Sochi.
And I fully expect that the views of the (Russian) church and people will be weighed in the balance and found wanting...

...not that there's likely to be much balance for them to be weighed in. 

Actually, come to think about it, there is something that's even more inevitable than that, and that's me moaning about it tomorrow.

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