Thursday 13 February 2014

Stuart Hall (1932-2014)

'The Godfather of Multiculturalism' and leading voice of the New Left, Stuart Hall, passed away this week. 

Our condolences.

I note that both ITV News and Sky News didn't report his passing. Tut tut.

BBC News did though; and paid him handsome tribute.

BBC Two's Newsnight spoke to an admirer. An entire edition of BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed was given over to his memory. Radio 3 rebroadcast an extended interview with him too. And, most strikingly, the BBC News website set up a special page in honour of him. 

So not even the most rabid left-wing Twitterista could possibly accuse the BBC of not giving 'The Godfather of Multiculturalism' his full due. 

The BBC paid him the fullest honours. 

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