Sunday 9 February 2014

What makes Paddy panic

Just another bite-sized post about Paddy O'Connell's apparent propensity to panic when someone picks on the Labour Party...

This morning's Broadcasting House saw our Paddy egging on one Conservative MP, Richard Benyon, to attack another Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger (for attacking the Environment Agency's Lord Chris Smith). Paddy let Mr Benyon absolutely slate Mr Liddell-Grainger without demur or interruption, but the second Mr Benyon began criticising the actions of the last Labour government in came that firm yet nervous 'OK' from Paddy that always arrives the instant Labour are criticised. If Mr Benyon hadn't moved straight off Labour again, there's no doubt in my mind that an intervention would have followed within seconds to stop him in his tracks and steer him away from Labour. 

I think my reflexes are even more attuned to this sort of thing than Paddy. The instant I heard Mr Benyon begin his criticism of Labour, I tensed up and sensed that Paddy would start, a second or so later, he did.

It's another of life's inevitable things. Paddy doesn't like people attacking Labour. Never has, never will.

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  1. I noted the talking head called Benyon getting his few cents on BBC24 yesterday.
    A Tory though?...strange on the strapline to me.
    Then-having heard Paddy set him up against some local buffer who happens to only live in the Levels-it soon became clear what Benyon was for.
    Heard Liddell Grainger yesterday on PM and he was as moderate as anybody could be ,given what his constituents were going through...but the BBC would rather we leave Smith alone and blame Thatch and Climate Change as per.
    Disgraceful perpetual bias, and I too noted Paddy piping up at the mention of the Great Regimes role in all this from 1997-2010.
    Paddys mum was Bletchley I detect a private school and liberal guilt trip from wee Paddy.
    And what a shower for the Press review eh?...the Baroness Prosser(ex TUC ladyBoss), some anti-racist black footy player of old; and some City gel who took Farage down a peg or three...that`s what the BBC consider to be a balanced panel then?balanced


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