Sunday 2 February 2014

"It's a bunch of toffs"

Oh, he really just can't help himself it seems. 

I used to chronicle in great detail Paddy O'Connell's apparent pro-Labour proclivities, but haven't really bothered for a few years - even though I've heard him snap at guests on BH and PM who've started criticising Labour in ways he never seems to do when they criticise Conservatives.  

This morning's Broadcasting House (which I used to sneer at as Gordcasting House in the days of Mr Brown) contained a classic though, which I've just got to record for posterity, as Paddy's political passion appeared to pour out all over the airwaves while Iain Dale was criticising the limited nature of Milibandism's message to the voters, of Labour's narrative.  
I mean Labour would counter, wouldn't they, that theyr'e going for the fairness agenda. It's a bunch of toffs. That's the narrative, isn't it? That it's a bunch of rich people running the country and they don't know what a gas bill is.
That may, indeed, be Labour's narrative, but Paddy put a good deal more passion into saying it than seemed strictly necessary. You've got to hear him say it to get the full effect. It's almost as if he meant it from the heart. 

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  1. I think labour protection laws these days are doing fine around the globe. Everyone has started to understand the fact that labour needs to be kept safe and healthy rather than in harmful environment.


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