Saturday 1 February 2014

Mad, rabid lunatics. On Dateline. Again.

Today's Dateline London didn't pleasantly surprise me, though its opening discussion on the Scottish independence debate was less predictable than might have been expected.

The panel was typical, balancing two figures - Greg Katz of the Associated Press and Arab journalist Mina al-Oraibi - from a vaguely centrist, non-partisan position with two very partisan out-and-out left-wingers, French journalist Agnès Poirier (above) and Polly Toynbee of The Guardian (not above). No right-wingers were invited to the party, yet again.

The central discussion on the Cameron-Hollande meeting and the EU took an inevitable course therefore, with Greg and Mina making careful, non-partisan points (none on Cameron's side it has to be said) and Agnès and Polly siding with Hollande and launching invective-filled diatribes against Cameron and Eurosceptic right-wingers. 

Agnès talked of "mad Eurosceptics" and Tory "lunatics" while Polly talked of Cameron's "mad backbenchers" and "rabidly Eurosceptic lunatics". (Who sounds "rabid" here though?)

Dateline London, as so often, setting the gold standard for BBC bias - and left-wing ranting.

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