Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunday headlines

I listened to the 7 o'clock news bulletin before Sunday after having looked at Sky News's invaluable gallery of the British newspaper front pages. 

I'll list what stories the BBC chose to report after outlining the stories featured by the UK papers today.

The Observer led with 'Miliband's stark warning: climate change an issue of national security', 'Labour to set record for female MPs' and 'Midlands priest faces genocide probe'.

The Independent on Sunday led with 'NHS chief orders urgent child death review'.

The Sunday People led on the same story as the Independent on Sunday - 'Now for the truth: Sunday People wins inquiry into the scandal-hit hospital where six children died'.

The Sunday Times led with '250 jihadis spark UK terror alert',along with 'Labour candidate tells Miliband to 'hug a banker'', 'Jets send maydays over London', 'Bread to contain folic acid' and 'Strip clubs get Whitehall cash'.

The Mail on Sunday led with 'Victims of the Valentine tempest' and the Sunday Express with 'Darkest Day of the Storms'.

The Sunday Telegraph led with 'Doctors on £3,000 per shift', 'Under water, yet flood-hit areas are still ear-marked for new homes', 'Record number of foreign criminals cannot be deported from Britain', 

And the Sun on Sunday led with 'I waited all my life for you' (Simon Cowell's first words to his baby), while the Daily Star on Sunday led with 'Golden Bawls' (Simon Cowell and Lizzy Yarnold).

BBC Radio 4's 7 o'clock news bulletin had five stories:

1. The floods
2. Ed Miliband's warning over climate change
3. Research from America claiming that air currents are changing due to man-made climate change
4. Alex Salmond accusing the UK government of bullying
5. Whether 12 Days a Slave or Gravity will come out on top at the Baftas 

Except for the floods, which is the inevitable lead story, items 2-5 are typical BBC choices for 'What is the story?', aren't they?

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