Friday 14 March 2014

The TUC/BBC's Duncan, Wel....come! (and we're watching you)

It's been a particularly busy week at work (and at home), so - as is the part-time blogger's inevitable tragic fate - Friday night is catch-up night...

If you're behind Guido (and Alan at Biased BBC) you've probably got a job, and might have missed out on...

...Newsnight's latest appointment: Its Economics Editor. 

We at Is the BBC biased? had a go at predicting who'd replaced 'Citizen Mason' last August. Would it be a Guardian economics reporter, we wondered, or a left-wing economist? 

It seemed a straight choice.

That, of course, might have been a right-wing blogger's fantasy. But was it?

Well, over six months on, we have our answer. 

Newsnight has finally chosen...(drum roll)...former Labour Party election candidate, Harriet Harman advisor, TUC chief economist and left-wing blogger Duncan Weldon (who Journalisted affiliates with Newsnight editor Ian Katz's old rag, the Guardian) as its new Economics Editor...


Update: The Telegraph and the Guardian (in their different ways) are now piling in:

TelegraphBias row over appointment of union official as BBC Newsnight Economics Correspondent

GuardianTories accuse Newsnight of 'stitch-up' over hiring of ex-TUC economist

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