Saturday 15 March 2014

'Newsnight': 10-14 March

So 'what was the story?' on last week's Newsnight. (Yes, it's that time of the week again.)

Monday 10/3
1. Domestic violence: Are some police forces trying harder than others to tackle it? Interview with Yvette Cooper (Labour) & Norman Baker (Lib Dem)
2. The missing Malaysian airline. Interview with Prof Graham Braithwaite of Cranfield University.
3. Ex-wife of the King of Saudi Arabia says her daughters are being held as prisoners in the Gulf. Interview with Alanoud Al Fayaz
4. Ukraine. Interviews with Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski & Paul Brinkley, US Deputy Under Secretary of Defense 2004-11.
5. Obstetric fistula [a post-natal illness] among women in Uganda. 

Tuesday 11/3
1. Ed Miliband's announcement on the EU. Interview with John Mann MP (Labour) & former Labour advisor Roland Rudd of Business for New Europe.
2. The Muslim suicide bomber from Crawley: Was he a terrorist or a hero?
3. The Co-op Bank's boss resigns. 
4. "Did we all secretly love Bob Crow?" Interview with Ken Livingstone (Labour) & Daniel Finkelstein (Conservative)
5. The missing Malaysian airline. Interview with with philosopher Alain de Botton.
6. A city in Kurdish Iraq where young Iranians go to to enjoy a Western lifestyle.

Wednesday 12/3
1. Syria. Interviews with David Miliband (Labour) & Baroness Amos (Labour) 
2. How is the Minimum Wage working? A report from the Resolution Foundation. Interview with Sir George Bain, chairman of the Low Pay Commission 1997-2002.
3. Footballer Sol Campbell on modern football & racism. Interview with Sol Campbell.
4. Is there any chance of peace in Iraq? A report from Baghdad.
5. "Is the life of a horse really so precious?" Interview with problem horse trainer Michael Peace & Lucy Higginson, editor of Horse and Hound.

Thursday 13/3
1. Ukraine. 
2. Indeterminate sentences: Why did they go so wrong? Interview with Crispin Blunt MP (Con)
3. The missing Malaysian airline. Interview with Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot behind the "miracle on the Hudson".
4. Unease among Tories over the 40p tax rate. Interview with Lord Lamont (Con) & Lord Oakeshott (Lib Dem)
5. Attention Deficit Disorder: Does it really exist? Interview with Andrea Bilbow, founder of ADD Information and Support Service.

Friday 14/3
1. "Who was the real Tony Benn?" Interviews with Denis Healey (Labour), Diane Abbott (Labour), Shirley Williams (Lib Dem) & Tim Montgomerie (Conservative.Home). 
2. Ukraine: The referendum in Crimea. 
3. "Does art get at the truth before history can write it?" Interview with playwright David Hare.

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