Thursday 13 March 2014

'Free Speech' at the BBC? Yeah right!

And talking of 'Free Speech', as bodo notes in the comments to Enough is enough (two posts down),...

....the BBC has disappeared all of the comments below Dominic Casciani's piece on that nice Muslim suicide bomber from Crawley. 

Despite their carefully-selected, unrepresentative Editors' Picks, too many BBC readers must have been doing what I did, and opting to read all the top-rated comments: A huge number of posts slamming Muslim terrorists and their apologists, Islam in general and, of course, the BBC for choosing to give a terrorist's family, friends and supporters such a long, prominent and uncritical platform - everything the BBC doesn't want you to hear. 

The BBC's relationship with the concept of 'free speech' obviously remains as questionable as ever. 

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