Saturday 1 March 2014

He chortled in his joy

The Jabberingwocky

Sometimes good things happen when you least expect then, and life really is like a box of chocolates. 

I'd seen a tweet from Conservative.Home's Alex Deane yesterday listing who he was going to be on today's Dateline London will him today and it included the dreaded Twitter name '@abdelbariatwan'.

I'll be on tomorrow at 1130 with , , Nazenin Ansari of Iran’s Kayhan & Die Welt's Thomas Kielinger

So I tuned in today, expecting to see Dateline's favourite guest (that hate-filled, Saddam-admiring, Palestinian extremist) in full eye-bulging, arm-chopping flow but...

...he wisnae there, as Alex Salmond would say. (BBC's Russian specialist, Dmitri Shiskin, was there in his place.)

O frabjous day!

My stats show that his total number of appearances per year on the show are gradually coming down, year by year. He appeared on 14 editions in 2011, 12 editions in 2012 and 10 editions in 2013.

If that trend continues, we should finally be rid of him (from Dateline) by 2018! [He's (dis)graced our screens just once so far this years, so fingers crossed for a speedier exit!]

'Twas brillig too that there were no other ranting left-wingers on the show. What's going on? We've gone two weeks now without an obvious left-winger - and with right-wingers present on the panel in their absence. 

This is unprecedented. Have at least four years of blatant, by-a-landslide left-wing bias on Dateline's part finally come to an end? If so...

Callooh! Callay! 


  1. Can we have a forum on what we think Sunday tomorrow OUGHT to be covering?
    1. The senseless killing of poor Andrew Young by a South London thug called Lewis Gill whilst he was causing havoc in Bournemouth last November...the man had Aspergers which in my mind reminds me of the Fiona Pilkington case a few years back,,,the disabled getting targeted or undervalued by the CPS/courts.
    2. Why this one?...well the response to the killing by Gills mother, one Sherron O Hagen-who thinks it`s all no big deal...just a life...if THAT isn`t a moral issue screaming for debate with the likes of Stephen Lowe and posh Ed, don`t know what is!
    It`s a massive issue-but there`ll be no mention of this black on white, able-bodied v diasbled murder...course not!

    1. Ah chrish, we both know 'Sunday' well enough by now to know that the plights of homosexuals in Uganda is more their sort of thing.


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