Sunday 9 March 2014


I don’t think the BBC has mentioned it, which is a pity because it’s right up their street, but the beautician who embarrassed herself with that Tweet was at least trying to engage with world affairs, rather than hair extensions or things related to her immediate surroundings.

Have you seen “Goggle Box’? I know it’s not on the BBC, but some of the programmes the Gogglers had been told to watch are. The one with Evan Davis and Boris Johnson probably wasn’t one that many Gogglers would have chosen to watch had they not been instructed to do so, but there was mileage in the appearance of  both Boris and Evan, if not in the content of the programme.

Most of the watchers were virtually comatose, overtly bored or completely baffled by most of what they saw, only springing to life for the signature tune of Match of The Day. People all over the country, apparently, were singing along in their front rooms, clutching their cushions and bobbing up and down to the rhythm. 

For most people the primary point of interest was the appearance of anyone who popped up on the screen. Be it news, drama, politics or anything else.

I think I might be turning into Katie Hopkins, but without the desire for global notoriety.

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  1. What's the betting poor Gemma's tweet does get a mention on 'Newsnight' next week?
    That story makes me even less keen on Twitter.
    The sentiment behind her tweet is one I share and shows she's not stupid. She cares about what matters - like potential war and her nan's feelings. She doesn't care much about - or know anything much about - high politics (just like large numbers of British people if the 'Politics' rounds on 'Pointless' are anything to go by.)


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