Thursday, 14 April 2016

Evan Harris probably needed a doctor after this

Not that no one at the BBC has giving Hacked Off a good roasting over the past couple of days, because someone has.

Can you guess who?


  1. Well, if anyone was wondering if Hacked Off had a vendetta against Whittingdale behind this story, they will have stopped wondering after this.

    I can understand the concept of a politician being pressured to give favors so a salacious story isn't revealed, but this is so obviously not the case, and it's so obvious that the Hacked Off hacks knew all along (Harris's own dodging and playing dumb gave that away) and didn't care so long as they got their scalp.

    Of course they want to decide what gets published and what doesn't. That's the whole point of their existence.

    1. That's very much my impression, and if the BBC were the disinterested, impartial broadcaster it says it is it would have been disinterestedly, impartially, going after Hacked Off from the start.

    2. So going to happen. Not.

      At least outside niche political wonk shows.

      Just awating a #nothelpful hit piece from more mainstream BBC shows, maybe with Hugh and Ed in the Labour Party HQ lobby, having been given a 'special' invite.