Saturday 30 April 2016

Any Answers?

Today's Any Answers was wholly given over to the Labour anti-Semitism row. 

Anita Anand is another of those BBC types who pronounces anti-Semitic “anti-Semetic” (see Sue earlier). She did it throughout the programme.

She also didn't seem to have much of a clue what 'BDS' involved either, apparently thinking it's all about 'no platforming'. (This arose when Israel-bashing BDS campaigner Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi rang in and took centre stage).

Those defending Israel got the worse end of the stick from the ever-interventionist Anita, but there was a fair spread of opinion and some of the contributions were well worth listening to (especially the octogenarian Shirley Murgraff from Hackney). 

Naturally, there were plenty of 'eyebrow-raising' moments too. Mine shot up Mars-wards at Andy from Edinburgh complaining: 
We don't do that with any other country. When we criticise Italy we're not anti-Catholic. So what's wrong with criticising Israel but we're not anti-Semitic? 
His point (if you followed it!) bangs up straight against an obvious counter-point (though it clearly wasn't obvious enough for Anita to have made it!):

"We" don't criticise Italy, do "we"? "We" do criticise Israel however. And "we" have a very bad habit of only criticising Israel. And that's what makes "us" strongly appear to be anti-Semitic.


  1. It's not just that Israel is held to a higher standard than any other country on the planet, it's when that criticism extends to Jews everywhere that it becomes anti-Semitism. In my opinion, the BBC is not covering this honestly or exposing the reality of anti-Semitism and just how widespread it is unless they start asking guests and callers if they believe the Jews control governments' foreign policy, and were behind Labour's mass immigration scheme. Until that happens, it's all easily dismissed as Zionists trying to stifle the truth by calling it anti-Semitism.

    1. Until the BBC and the rest of the UK Media actually focus on what is taught in the (mostly unofficial) Islamic schools, attended by millions of young people in the UK, then we can be sure this media inquiry into anti-semitism is completely bogus. Not one reporter has had the guts to ask Naz Shah what she was taught about Jews in her childhood.

  2. "We don't do that with any other country". Conversely when "we" criticise any other country "we" don't question their right to exist. Apparently, only Israel can be subjected to this.


    Bias Alert!

    Radio 4 are shortly bringing in a home version of FOOC - called, I think "From Our Home Correspondent".

    Now why would the BBC be doing that just a few weeks before the Referendum?

    I am expecting lots of reports about wonderful contribution of EU migrants to our vibrant society...or UK businesses dependent on exports to teh EU or perhaps community based schemes funded by EU grants...but we shall see.

    1. It's presented by Mishal Hussain - given her track record, we can't expect impartiality!

    2. Maybe she'll come up with some new moral equivalence numbers she likes?


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