Saturday 16 April 2016

They never knew what he was really like until it was too late

Here's something (with a very strong h/t to Sue)...

Who do you reckon said this about Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party?
If you are Jewish, how can you vote for them? How could you? For me it would be like being a Muslim and voting for Donald Trump. How could you do it? I am deeply troubled about what is going on in the Labour party. I am deeply troubled that our main opposition party is having such frequent problems with antisemitism. It really disturbs and troubles me.
Clue: It was the same person who signed a letter to the Guardian entitled 'Israel needs cultural bridges, not boycotts'.

Yes, it's none other than the left-liberal, politically-correct, lentil-eating, muesli-munching, Guardian-reading, Notting Hill-watching, metrosexual, 'Marxist'-wife-marrying, great-crested-newt-hugging, Radio-4-comedy-admiring, crisp-side-salad-of-grape-tomatoes-and-romaine-lettuce-requesting-(at-all-times-in-a-restaurant), Daily Heil-hating former director of BBC Television, Danny Cohen.

Yes, that Danny Cohen.

Boy, haven't we all slagged him off over the years! He's been the butt of many a joke, the target of many a missive. I've penned a fair few critical posts about him in my time too, so I'm as guilty as anyone here.

And yet here he is, again showing us that he's not really the man we thought he was. Shame on us!

That said, his interview with the Times does show that he is is partly the man we thought he was though (so all's well!), and it's well worth reading in its entirety - if you've paid to get past the paywall (and this isn't the Soviet Union, you know, so pay up!).

Adieu then Mr. Cohen, formerly of the BBC.


  1. So one frog noticed the pan getting hotter. Cohen isn't stupid. He is still a nasty piece of work otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if he's spoken and is now speaking out a bit more than he would if left to his own devices because he knows from working with BBC staff that anti-Israel sentiment crossed over to anti-Jewish sentiment quite some time ago, and knows there is more of it on the Left that anyone has previously cared to admit.

    1. A good deal of the criticism about him was, of course, completely justified. (I've just looked back to check). And the Times article shows that his BBC mindset on most matters remain as rigid and 'liberal Londoner' (as the article puts it) as ever.

      Still, it's a reminder that there can be much more to some BBC people than meets the eye, and (like Lyse Doucet on the Taliban) we should always "consider" their "humanity". (Does that make me sound too much like Lyse Doucet?)

  2. This might be an example of the old rule that people tend to be more reactionary about things they know about. Being Jewish and presumably having some connections to Israel he can see and feel just how unpleasant and oppressive the left-liberal-PC ideology is in that one area. Presumably he doesn't give a toss about Americans whose lives are made a misery by illegal Mexican migrants, the events in Cologne on New Year's Eve, Tommy Robinson being set up to be murdered in one of Her Majesty's Prisons, Geert Wilders (under constant Police protection from Jihadi threats being prevented from visiting the UK), or sincere conservative Christian bakers being forced to bake pro-gay name a few more examples of oppression.


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