Wednesday 27 April 2016

Sea of doom

Dateline London's Alex Deane on Laura K:


  1. I've noticed she keeps using the word "Out" - and she almost spits out the word as though it is some kind of epithet. The campaign is known as Leave and I believe the description "out" was specifically rejected by the Electoral Commission. So why does she use it? And if she calls herself a journo has she asked OECD what the basis for the analysis was - was it the travel survey or NI numbers issued? She's not a journalist - she's a machine operator.

  2. Laura K's tweet looks even more biased in the light of the Times poll today giving Leave a narrow lead - despite all the BBC-co-ordinated hullabaloo extolling Obama as a great orator whose opinions were bound to weigh heavily in favour of Remain. A narrow lead in the face of a relentless heavy barrage from the Remain camp using all their big guns is hardly indicative of a "sea of doom" is it?


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