Friday 22 April 2016

R.I.P. Prince

You'd have to be pretty curmudgeonly to complain about the BBC devoting so much time to the memory of Prince - a significant cultural figure if ever there was one. 

Plus, given that Prince was so assiduous in getting rid of all YouTube videos of his music, it's a rare treat to be reminded of so many of my old teenage favourites in one go. (Not heard Darling Nikki yet though.)

Anyhow, this very rare YouTube video featuring Prince is great fun. Prince's style and showmanship had me grinning from ear to ear (only metaphorically-speaking though as I've not had any plastic surgery yet).

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  1. Dead right Craig.
    No upside to losing such a talent so early-but (and forgive me here mighty Prince)-I can enjoy his music once again all over the internet.
    He`ll not last in folklore like Stevie Wonder say-he`s too complex and varied for that, and lacked the heart and compassion of a Cohen, Simon, Mitchell say-but he was truly as good as our culture permitted...nobody fused James Brown with Michael Jackson,Little Richard with Jimmy Hendrix and was bigger than them all in composite cultural mashups with a Springsteen, Jagger, Madonna, Bowie-hell, even Miles Davis or Gary Numan as he fancied.
    Total genius...we`ll never see his like again...and I thank God for him, knowing that God now thanks him in return.
    From 1999 when I first heard him at a party in London(1983)through to The Holy River and the death of his son in 1997-Prince was the gold standard of complete clever dick and question.


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