Friday 22 April 2016

A rant v the man from the FT

On the same theme, More or Less on Radio 4 covered the Treasury's Brexit figures this week. 

It introduced Fraser Nelson of the Spectator's denunciation of George's Osborne's "misleading" £4,300 figure as "a rant", before bringing Chris Giles of the (pro-EU) FT on to give a full-length analysis of the Treasury report. (Unlike Fraser's brief bit, the FT man's contribution wasn't introduced as "a rant".)

Chris Giles called the report "serious" and biased" yet "overall, a serious and cogent piece of economic analysis". He said that any such Treasury model like that would show that "the EU is good for Britain" because the EU is good for trade and prosperity - and, thus, it will always help the Remain campaign. He then sketched out a possible model that might help the Leave campaign but did so in such a way as to make it pretty clear that such a Leave model was build on wisps of wishful thinking and mounds of grim guesswork about the future of the EU. 

And that was that -  till next week.

Another Remain-helpful edition of More or Less then. 

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  1. So cogent, they forgot to factor in the Government's own projected migration figures.


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