Sunday 24 April 2016

Rod Liddle sticks up for the BBC

From the Sunday Times:

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  1. No, sorry, we know the BBC reaches out to activists if they feel not enough ordinary people have applied with a certain point of view for that week. They say they do on the website. Obsessives do make more of an effort, obviously, but the BBC admits they do as well. They also claim to turn people away if there are too many on side, which we also know isn't always true. The latter is probably the usual way the audience turns out the way it does. But they claim to try to balance it out, and it's very obvious on the rare occasion when they do.

    The BBC has clearly given up trying to rig the audience in favor of the EU, and for the last three weeks (at least) have obviously been focusing on a secondary issue. Last week it was the NHS, with Liam Fox on the panel, the week before that was Cameron and the tax avoidance, and I've forgotten what it was the week before that.


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