Sunday 24 April 2016

For many people the greatest songwriter of our times...

And talking about 'bias by labelling'...

Here's our Andy on another of his guests this morning:
And still on the theme of politics we're going to hear from one of modern music's true legends - for many people the greatest songwriter of our times: Paul Simon. 
As they might still say on exam papers: Discuss.


  1. Hmmm...a great tunesmith but on balance he was more influenced than influential.

  2. NO!
    Paul Simon IS a true great.
    1. I am a Rock.
    2. America
    3, Sound of Silence
    4. Bridge over Troubled Water
    5. Mrs Robinson
    6. Boy in the Bubble
    7. The Obvious Child
    8. Mother and Child Reunion
    9. American Tune
    10. Keep the Customer satisfied.
    There`ll be others-some good ones in 2006 for example-but if anyone has written a better song than "America" for the iPod when you get off the plane-let me know.
    Bridge Over Troubled Water will be listened to wherever ears are open to music...time will rate him more than Dylan with only Cohen and Mitchell up there with him.

  3. Tend to agree with you Chris on all points, including Cohen and Mitchell. Can I add "The Boxer" to that list?


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