Friday 22 April 2016

A tweet from Hugo Rifkind


  1. Hilarious to hear Obama talking up the 'special relationship' when we fought side - by - side in WW2... that'd be the war the USA joined two years late, & only after the Japanese had bombed them into it.
    THE BBC appears to believe that Obama's intervention will strengthen the 'Remain' cause - I suspect that, on the contrary, British people who were undecided before will now feel compelled to vote 'OUT' on the grounds that, if so much pond - life is 'for', they can only be 'against.'

    1. The Leave campaign need to grow some...personally I'd order some huge billboards showing that photo of Obama's deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia with the strap line
      "Does the President have your best interests at heart?" This campaign is not going to be won by pussying around. Time to put on the steel capped boots and aim for the goolies (just like the government is doing) .

  2. Bill Clinton was a master of the thoughtful pause. It's an old college debating tactic. The Obamessiah does it because it's part of a classic speechifying style from a certain demographic. I'd define it further but the BBC says that's racist.

  3. I don't think it's a particularly ethnic trope. Most politicians use it but I think it is true Obama does have it off to a T...the quarter smile and the slight tremor of the head. Reagan used to use it as well but his head used to rock. I think Obama does make use of the "I have a dream" melody in quite a lot of his speeches.


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