Monday 18 April 2016

Sometimes it's not the BBC that's guilty

The Daily Mail has a classic BBC-bashing story today, Can't hear mumbling actors? You've tuned your set wrong, says TV chief: BBC producer claims viewers are partly to blame for not being able to hear. The offending 'BBC producer' told Radio 2 listeners:
I actually think a lot of it is people’s televisions, that they’re not tuned necessarily the right way. I don’t know whether it’s bass or tone, or whatever it is, but there is some of that going on.
The Mail names the guilty party as "BBC chief Nicola Schindler".

Check her out though and it turns out (a) that the Mail has misspelt her surname (it's actually 'Shindler') - and they keep on misspelling her name throughout the entire article! - and (b) that she's not a "BBC chief" (or a "BBC producer") but the head of an independent television drama production company whose programmes appear on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

In fairness though, at least the Mail got the 'Nicola' bit right.

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  1. The BBC gets things wrong as often as the Mail these days.


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