Wednesday 20 April 2016

Crossing their fingers

Talking of BBC One's News at Six, Laura Kuenssberg's take on Michael Gove's speech ended with her saying that "Mr Gove made the boldest claim yet" when he said, "For Europe, Britain voting to leave will be the beginning of something potentially even more exciting - the democratic liberation of a whole continent".

Her parting words were:
Outers crossing their fingers if you vote to leave the whole EU might crumble. Their rivals hope luck...and logic...will end up on their side.
She said this against the backdrop of this Remain poster, showing Outers crossing their fingers:


  1. It would be far less objectionable if all these BBC reporters just said straight to camera "Look, we are clever people - we've all been to the best universities and coming through journalism courses with the highest honours. It's clear to us the Remain option and, more than that, further European integration is the only way forward. So please vote Remain. " It's the pretence of balance that is dangerous, undemocratic and unconstitutional.

  2. Your family's future is indeed too important to risk in the doomed EU. Oh, that's not what they meant?


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