Sunday 17 April 2016

All singing from the Pope's hymn sheet

The sun came up this morning and, just as inevitably, Radio 4's Sunday led with the Pope on Lesbos:
On this week's Sunday: From the Vatican to a refugee camp and back. Has Pope Francis changed anyone's mind about opening their borders to migrants?
The 'Pope in Lesbos' story was first discussed with Maristella Tsamatropoulou from the Catholic charity Caritas. She hopes European policies will change as a result of the Pope's visit. 

And then William Crawley talked to an MEP from Slovakia, a country that has "closed its doors to refugees and migrants".

You might have expected MEP Branislav Skripek, from the centre-right OĽaNO party, to give the other point of view. Instead, he echoed Miss Tsamatropoulou's views, called the Pope's gesture towards Muslim refugees "a positive message and challenge", expressed "great sorrow" at his own government's refusal to take in "these kind of people who run for their life", said "it's not a good attitude", and hoped for a change of policy.

(The final interview on the subject, with Jack Figel - an expert on the Orthodox Church - discussed Orthodox-Catholic relations rather than the migrant crisis.)

Not exactly balanced coverage.


  1. I think the BBC view is "It's OK, it's a religious programme so doesn't have to even maintain a pretence of balance." Bring on Jenny Hill to shout "Welcome" dementedly.

  2. Cherry-picking the Pope's policies, I see. Sometimes, the BBC quite likes devout Christians. When it suits their agenda.

  3. Yep, the catholics always get a good reference from the BBC as long as its about "solidarity" "social justice" and "green" issues.
    That family report they put out was equally sappy and broken-backed last week-but didn`t give us lesbian women priests or transgender altar boys/ the Beeb will snuffle away at that one until Francis gets his way.
    As for Islam..s`pose in his foot washing bring `em all in ways, he`ll not fuss about the complete wipe out of any trace of Christianity that is going on =-and by the same people who he welcomes and washes the blood from.
    No wonder any Church leader worth his salt out there in the former Holy Lands of the Bible(which long preceded Islamic colonisation)despise this social gospel Latin American Marxist who only cares that his flock is halal-compliant.


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