Friday 22 April 2016

BBC apology (1)

Further to an earlier post about the imam David Cameron said “supports IS” (Islamic State), the BBC has apologised today to Suliman Gani, on Andrew Neil's behalf:

Andrew Neil misspoke, apparently.


  1. How much do the people who produce this sort of stuff get paid? Probably at least £70k. And yet they can't compose an unambiguous sentence. Who does the "he" refer to? Neil or Gani?

  2. So Gani supports 'an' Islamic state, but not the one calling itself that at the moment? Oh, well, that's alright, then. Does he support the idea of turning Britain into one? If not, what's he doing there?

  3. As sincerity in apology goes, the BBC is without peer, issuing template statements not from the perp but anonymous and/or corporate waffle from 'somebody' with no possibility of exchange.


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