Sunday 17 April 2016

Not forgotten

There's a video report on the BBC website about a new play being staged in Washington, which the accompanying blurb describes - in the BBC's own words - as "both heart-wrenching and life-affirming":

Jane O'Brien's interview with Dr Abuelaish contains this question:
Do you think that the Palestinian conflict has become forgotten? 
Well, evidently, it hasn't been forgotten by the BBC, has it? 


  1. It deserves to be forgotten as long as there are far worse and bloody conflicts going on in places like Syria, Kashmir, Libya, Sinai, Yemen...what is it they all have in common?

  2. The BBC has to cover this or it will be proof it's a Zionist shill suppressing the truth. That complaint will come both from both the public and from BBC staff.

  3. The BBC promotes 'forgotten' causes with the same lack of irony the Mail shares 'secret' confessions.


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