Saturday 16 April 2016

Not a single thing

There’s not a single thing on mainstream media. Not a single thing.


  1. I know - it really does begin to feel like we are living in some kind of police state. This has got to be news on any agenda, especially because of the judges' comments and TR's claims that his life was deliberately put at risk.

  2. Breitbart, this blog and Biased BBC (and a few other places) are about the only places where this has been covered. Good on Gaunty then for giving Tommy Robinson a hearing, especially as things got a bit heated between them last time. TR continues to sound scarily credible about this. If he really is telling the whole truth then we have a very big problem in this country.

    1. And, of course (see Sarah AB below), Harry's Place.

  3. Thanks - very interesting to hear that.


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