Wednesday 20 April 2016


My (limited) Twitter timeline today has been full of understandable horror that the National Union of Students (in a very depressing sign of the times) has elected Malia Bouattia as its new president. (Sue has had something to say about her previously):

That last tweet doubtless relates to the predictably politically-correct headline on the BBC News website home page, which some BBC hack clearly thought was the main angle to the story:

In fairness, the BBC article itself (and its revised headline) is much better, and - checking NewsSniffer - it started out as follows (before being watered down somewhat):

For more reaction:
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Guido Fawkes: New NUS president back by CAGE, believes media controlled by Zionists


  1. Here come the Complaints From Both Sides. This result says as much about the students and state of British universities as it does about her. Will the BBC dare go there, considering their reluctance to address the Oxford Students Labour group?

  2. Black? I thought we'd moved beyond such idiotic labelling. She's Algerian and the Algerian gene pool is a right old mix of Berbers, Arabs, Romans, Byzantinian, Germanic tribes, Europeans captured by Barbary pirates, Sub-Saharan African slaves, Turks and French. Perhaps she complained about the label (as would most Algerians - sub-Saharan blacks are looked down on in the Maghreb).

  3. She is the lightest skinned Black woman I have seen since Rachel Dolezal.


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