Tuesday 19 April 2016

"I think Israeli buses catch fire quite often"

Here's veteran BBC reporter Hugh Sykes reacting on Twitter to the latest terrorist atrocity:


  1. I have the impression London buses catch fire quite often. I also have the impression a murderous Jihadi blew up a bus in central London in 2005. Why on earth, as a "veteran reporter", would you try and second guess the Israeli authorities on whether this was a bomb or not - unless there was some underlying disturbance in your psyche relating in some way to Israel. This guy also features Nadya Hussein's commission to bake a cake for the Queen. Is he really interesting in cake baking competitions. Or is there some other aspect to the story that appeals to him.

  2. Mustn't speculate or give permission for prejudice, eh? At least Sykes is consistent about which opinions he doesn't leave at the door. This is almost Mark Mardell territory.


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