Saturday 30 April 2016

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I agree with Chris...

I`ve been going to Tolpuddle now for many years as an ex-Lefty who finds out quite a lot about what they`ll be up to in the coming year.
When I first started going , there would always be a Christian Socialist group down from the East Midlands with their Methodist tracts, on the main route to the festival-good natured arguments alright, how do you square Communism with Christianity…Marx or Methodism etc? But they`d been coming for years, were good union activist types, often retiring soon.
There would also always be a Friends of Israel group with the Israeli flag in the field nearby-manned usually by Jewish Socialists who would not be religious, but were proud of the Socialist Kibbutzim aspect of Zionism as they had fought long and hard for…ex Cable Street types, but plenty Labour friends too, who`d stayed on kibbutzes, who liked the socialist egalitarian activities of that communal, international brotherhood idea that flowered in Israel after 1948.
In short, Judeo-Christian values made up not the Labour DNA..but were the double helix that much else could be related to.
Again, in the case of Israel: some open hostility from the Gulag grannies and Stalin suckups-with increasingly nasty PLO types with the rise of Yasser Arafat, and (I`m sad to say) the Rock Against Racism/Anti-Nazi League types who saw a chance to wave the PLO flag, flog a few crap olives-and blame Jews in the USA for pretty much all their inadequacies and weirdities.
Have not seen a Christian presence now since 2006, and the Israel flag went before that.
Now the monoculture is wishy washy Jesus creeps who hide behind the cream teas…whilst the likes of Bob Crow(PBUH) can mug around like Buster Bloodvessel and shout down those of us(i.e me and a few brave souls)who scorn King Billy Bragg in public…the brownshirts get very upset,and the boozing hours in the hot sun come to the boil…usually on their fat tattooed necks, mind!
My point-to hear the BBC News tell me that Corbyn will “conduct an independent enquiry” is lies and bollox….a “clear the streets and put out the red tape” idea as used at Falkirk, mid-Staffs and the like.
Unless they`re Friends of Israel-they are ALL anti-Semites, they blame Israel and the Jews for everything that the USA can`t be pinned for.
Muslims will say what they still fear to say-but , as we now see, Corbyns election has given them permission to come out from under their stones…and so a few Jewesses/gays can be killed sometime soon with them.
They want the Muslim vote and this will bring the votes in-they can only agree with Islam over Israel in the open, so they make hay with their anti-Semitism.
Naz Shah was one of their “enquiry members on the PREVIOUS ongoing independent enquiry” until she self-detonated on Thursday.
So piss off Beeb-one of the few things that nearly all Labours liars and Corbyns c*nts CAN agree on is the fact they don`t like Jews, and Israel needs tipping into the sea without their water wings.
What ELSE unites the Left and Islam, terrorism with victim grooming of the camel stool?
Watch last nights Newsnight to see how academic anti-Semitism works-some “self identifying Palestinian” from a Sunni-funded Yuni in the west country slivers and weaves over Maitless fair questionning…an anti-Semite who is(as ever) the victim of Israel-and when the current “hoo-haa” is over, she`ll be up to her usual taqqiyya stuff…the BBC seem to seek her opinion, the Saudis will fund it, and she`ll be the victim.
As for all those Israelis getting stabbed every week?…anybody ELSE heard the BBC mention them? I`ve not.
AND watch for this one-the number of times that Israel gets collaterally smeared in the course of this storm (as in, Israels pretty crap and needs to be condemned for NEARLY everything that Ken and Jeremy say, if not actually get put back on trains to Drancy or Westerbork) is doing enormous damage-anti-Israeli tropes get lobbed in with every discussion, and it`s becoming a constant given of a backdrop-which will make the next stage of Muslim takeover of Labour even MORE of a struggle to fight.

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