Friday, 15 April 2016

Labour MP calls Citizen Khan "Islamophobic"

Rupa Huq MP, plugging her racy comic novel ("a page-turner", Jeremy Corbyn)

So - and falling squarely into 'you couldn't make it up' territory - Muslim Labour MP Rupa Huq has branded the BBC's politically correct sitcom Citizen Khan "Islamophobic".

Tom Goodenough at the Spectator had leapt, gallantly, to the programme's defence:
But while you won’t laugh at Citizen Khan, it’s just not fair to say that it’s Islamophobic. No one is going to change their attitude towards Islam after watching this show and no one in their right mind would make a judgement about Muslims based on an unfunny sitcom like this either. In fact, the only person you’re likely to dislike after watching Citizen Khan is whoever commissioned four series worth of it.

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  1. Complaints From Both Sides.

    Goodenough's point about nobody's mind being changed by this lame show exposes, perhaps inadvertently, the BBC's agenda behind it. It's no Goodness Gracious Me, that's for sure. But that was never the intention. It was never meant to be classic British humor with an ethnic twist. It was created with an entirely different agenda in mind. The BBC is probably surprised that Muslims even watch it.