Friday, 15 April 2016

Tommy; not a deaf dumb and blind kid

This represents the kind of thing that makes me fear staying in Europe: (H/T Steyn online)
"Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II," Mr. Goldstein said. "How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror? That is the real question we're facing." 
Friends who teach the equivalent of high school seniors in the predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek told him that "90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old, called them heroes," he said.
And, wrt leaving Europe my fears are similar.  I fear the “we!”  the 'wewhom Brexiters promise will be in full control. Who are the “we”? 
If the outcome of the referendum puts the final nail in the coffin of David Cameron’s Conservative party, will the “WE” be Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party?

It looks like we’re in for creeping Islamization, in or out. 
BTW, the “executive director of War on Want”,  John Hilary, is on the panel of tonight’s Any Questions.

I have to say that throughout my life I have met and lived amongst a variety of peoples in various parts of the UK, from bonnie Scotland to the deepest South West.  Rainbow world. Or continuous rollercoaster. 
For fun, I’ll make a list; friends, family, acquaintances and neighbours.
Jews, observant and secular. Christians, from fundie to lapsed. Students, rough and smooth. Scandinavians, hippies, intellectuals, chavs, aristocrats. Doctors, artists, university lectures, teachers, fishermen, musicians, welfare-dependents old and young, people on zero-hours contracts, a Japanese fireman, a US psychiatric drug rehab specialist, a builder, a plumber, a cabinet maker;I don’t personally know any beggarmen, but I’ve certainly seen plenty and I probably know a thief or two. (I haven’t lived in a Muslim ghetto, but I do know a few who have.)

That was such fun I’ve almost forgotten why I started it, but it was something to do with Tommy Robinson.  I know Craig and I have a habit of overlapping, and here we go again. I started this before I saw Craig’s and, as John Humphrys is wont to say, I’ve started, so I’ll bloody well finish.

I think I was one of the first bloggers to give Robinson cautious tentative and measured approval. His warnings had been undermined by his link with the EDL. But skinheads can be as astute as hirsutes, and the effect of all that shouting, hooliganism and the drunkenness was to neutralise his message, and to some extent besmirch the words of anyone who seemed to support him. Of course now, he’s made huge inroads into our consciousness, and some of that disapproval has melted away. All this has been achieved through his tenaciousness, and his physical bravery is testimony to his very survival. So, thugs can be as good as they can be bad.


The video above was pasted into the btl comments on Biased BBC . It features Tommy Robinson explaining himself to a US audience on a Christian / religious channel called ‘Trinity Channel’ 
Also appearing is Nonie Darwish. (I haven’t heard anything of her or Wafa Sultan for years.) 

As Craig has already said, Sarah AB has also posted a thread on Harry’s Place:  “Case against Tommy Robinson dismissed  and (as most of the H.P, commentariat used to disapprove the EDL and Tommy) the thrust of the btl comments will indicate whether or not Tommy’s cause has made any headway. 
The first (and only) comment that popped up when I first logged on earlier this morning was from someone who didn’t trust Tommy. “He’s not nice” 
Well, what would have happened to him, I wonder, if he had been more ‘nice’? We wouldn’t have heard anything about him at all. You can’t be nice when you’re dealing with this topic. Your opponents aren’t nice, either. Are they? (Please don’t say something that includes the phrase ‘stooping to their level’) I think, in this particular case stooping is just the ticket.

Back at H.P., things have livened up. Several of Tommy’s supporters have commented.

Paul Weston said “ I wrote to Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty about his murderous treatment in prison but received no reply.”  That is comical. As if Shami would be interested in an injustice that didn’t concern the likes of Anjem Choudary.

The comments are coming in thick and fast so I think I’ll leave it there for now.

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