Friday 24 January 2014

BBC technology boss John Linwood sacked

Google News is invaluable in letting you track how a new story spreads around the media. 

I can't quite tell whether it was Broadcast or the Guardian which broke it first, but the Guardian certainly published the story at 16.19 this afternoon:

Broadcast's version states:
BBC technology boss John Linwood sacked
The BBC has revealed that John Linwood, the technology boss that oversaw the £100m Digital Media Initiative fiasco, was formally relieved of his duties in July last year.
The Guardian's version says:
BBC boss in charge of scrapped DMI project left without a payoff
John Linwood, the chief technology officer, exited six months ago after failure which cost licence fee payers nearly £100m
It was only at 17.18 (an hour later) that the BBC got round to publishing the story
BBC abandons £100m digital project
The BBC's former technology chief John Linwood was sacked in July over the failed £100m Digital Media Initiative (DMI) the corporation has confirmed.
You would have hoped that the BBC would have chosen to 'break' that news themselves, in the interests of appearing transparent.

Will this story be on tonight's Newsnight?

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