Monday 13 January 2014

@BBCRadio4 Thank you

Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign are pleased with BBC Radio 4 this afternoon:

Thank you for the afternoon drama The Brick set in about the ease with which history has been obliterated

The object of their gratitude is Afternoon Drama: The Brick, "a compelling portrait of Palestinian life by Selma Dabbagh...a British Palestinian writer based in London". 

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  1. Praise/criticism for 'The Brick' predictively is divided into those who attack it as anti Israel propaganda pretending to literature and those who defend it as telling it like it is about Palestine. Note the word Israel never passes anyone's lips.

    Something like Lord Voldemort, Israel is always present, always malignant and never mentioned by name.

    Some have pointed out the various errors of fact but no one has analysed the basic premise that beloved Father had defied the authorities by building in brick. If the house had been lost in 1948 those authorities would have been Britain and in 1967 the authorities still enforcing this 1920's regulation would have been Jordanian. Ms. Khoury would have been 76 or possibly 57 but still acting like a naive child. FAIL.

    Read in detail at The BBC drops a brick.


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