Friday 20 March 2015

A spat on Twitter

I feel rather like a low-budget gossip columnist here, but hey...

Here's a 'robust exchange of views' on Twitter between the BBC's Jon Donnison and one of his readers:


Jon Donnison ‏@jondonnisonbbc  Mar 19
I don't know this little girl's name who I met in Vanuatu. But I think "mischief" or even Miss Chief quite suits.
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The Intelect! ‏@_Inteligent  Mar 19
@jondonnisonbbc @BBCWorld Another journo using a disaster to hone their craft, rather than just report the facts. Spare us the corny lines.

Jon Donnison ‏@jondonnisonbbc  Mar 19
@_Inteligent Genius, font of all knowledge, bright star amongst candles. Educating and enlightening human beings. 41 followers. Cheer up.

The Intelect! ‏@_Inteligent  Mar 19
@jondonnisonbbc ahhh the followers 'card''s the twitter cock measure now.Just do your job and stop the pretentious (award hunting) crap

Jon Donnison ‏@jondonnisonbbc  Mar 19
@_Inteligent Have you tried anger management?

The Intelect! ‏@_Inteligent  Mar 19
@jondonnisonbbc hey I'm chilled matey; just want you to focus on your job,  not your ego/peer recognition.

Don't you just love Twitter? It always brings the best out in people (especially BBC correspondents), doesn't it?


Incidentally, as soon as JonDon finished his assignment in Vanuatu his Twitter feed went straight back onto his main obsession..., not his proper job, reporting Australia for the BBC, but, inevitably...

...tweeting about Israel (complete with a link to Haaretz (a piece by Peter Beinart).

That's something Twitter also does: It always brings the impartiality out in people (especially BBC correspondents), doesn't it?


  1. Jon Donnison is... or should be... the gift that keeps on giving, in deed and word, but perhaps not as long as this.

    His twitter collection alone should have him held up as the most twisted interpreter of events the profession could concoct.

    The 'followers' thing is bizarre... as if he feels the rectitude of an opinion somehow is enhanced by a lot of people simply seeing it. On that basis Mein Kampf was the work of a saint (Godwin duly acknowledged in the making of this post).

    Be interesting to discover how many of his followers hang on his every word because they agree, disagree or because he's the BBC's bod on the spot (spot varying).

    I just went to see what jondonnisonbbc's latest 'views my own' disclaimer was to separate the man from the job and employer, but it seems I am blocked and cannot even observe what a BBC employee chooses to churn out. As censorship goes that would make a certain (now deceased) Reich Plenipotentiary (:) blush.

    That does take BBC unique to a new level.

    I somehow doubt I am alone in that.

    Quite how the BBC justifies a country editor occupying a bunker launching inaccurate V-weapons (Hat trick! Why not get Von Braun in too?) on whim whilst retreating into a ever-narrowing inner sanctum who can guess?

  2. It did once cross my mind that between posting about Jon Donnison and Hugh Sykes I wouldn't need to do much else to keep this blog going.

    Did he block you before he changed his Twitter '@ thing' (sorry, I don't know what it's called) from 'JonDonnison' to 'JonDonnisonBBC' [I think that was about a month or so ago]?

    He's obviously so self-assured (or cocky) now that he's dropped the disclaiming part. His blurb now reads:

    BBC Australia Correspondent. Based in Sydney covering Oz and the region. Emmy nominated. Formerly in Gaza, West Bank, DC, Egypt. Cyclist.

    It USED to say:

    BBC Gaza and West Bank Correspondent. Cyclist. Views mine. Rewteets, #Tags not endorsements.

    He knows he can get anyway with it now, so why bother even pretending anymore?

    1. Apologies, almost missed this. I had to scoot after posting to help set up a Friday night gig and was full on with that, and the aftermath, 'til now.

      Now idea when he blocked me, sorry, but it must have been post-change of twitter handle (my best stab at @thingie) as I think I would have noticed, and commented... likely getting blocked on the spot.

      I suspect it may have coincided with a DB RT or challenge, which I either passed or chipped in on.

      Whichever way, BBC staff (clearly labelled as such) purging all who do not fall at their feet sets a disturbing precedent at best. It is not beyond the wit of man to create another means to see what tripe he's posting, but the whole thing sucks, frankly. He should be ashamed and his superiors should consider what the heck they are here for.

      His new incarnation is clearly 'views the BBC's' as he has dropped the disclaimer almost all of them use, like it makes any difference in the real world.

      If BBC top rankers think he is one to protect at old costs and be seen to do so... good luck with that.

      I have a few complaints in about his activities, and they are currently stuck in 'we believe he is right' limbo with various complaints hierarchy types trying to close the file. I am disinclined to let them do so.

  3. I wonder if they're still graded on "engagement", i.e. amount of followers and communication from the public, as well as exchanges. Donnison must get a high score, an example to his colleagues.


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