Monday 23 March 2015

Meanwhile, in another universe...

The cybernats are not happy bunnies today. 

They are (as ever) very active on the Twitter hashtag #bbcbias, busily tweeting each other messages like the following:
Proof of #bbcbias entire interview subliminally captioned as "SNP Threat" on #bbcdp Impartial and unbiased eh? ”
wow the #bbcbias channel now trying subliminal messages. It's not done in error
@BBCNews @BBCNewsnight @BBCPolitics your bias against the SNP is the REAL THREAT to democracy! #BBCBias
Stewart Hosie interviewed by BBC yesterday surely positive proof of BBC bias? 
More incredible BBC bias. They don't even try and hide it anymore. (Too funny) 
#BBCBias introduce latest series for their  #ProjectDemonizeSNP
If you needed proof of BBC bias toward SNP, here it is @boycottTheBBC @daily_politics @theSNP @afneil 
And what exactly has got their goat today (mixing my animal metaphors)? Well, this:

Now, I think I know what the BBC's trying to say with that caption but I don't think the cybernats would entirely buy that explanation.

Anyhow, you're now beholding an image (above) which is surely destined for thousands upon thousands of tweets and re-tweets from now till infinity...or at least until Scottish independence.


  1. Complaints from both sides....

  2. If it had been "SNP threat to Labour" that would have been acceptable. Sloppy titling.

  3. Should that get complained about, taking bets that the eventual reply/excuse will involve limitations of space. Oddly, these constraints are not always consistent. And usually err mostly in very specific directions.


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