Saturday 14 March 2015

Paging the 'Asian Network'

Almost forgot to mention...

Here's a tweet from Panorama researcher Jessica Benhamou. It offers an interesting insight into how BBC programmes like Panorama gather their cast-list of 'ordinary people':
That man duly appeared on Fergal Keane's 'love--themed Panorama a couple of weeks ago.


  1. They have this here in NYC for all the tv and film production companies that shoot here. It's called "Central Casting".

    At least this time the BBC didn't pay the kid to pose with guns for a show about how easy it is for kids to get guns.

  2. At the very least you, if not they, might wonder if who answers 'the call' may be entirely representative. However one suspects they are happier to fill empty pigeon holes, especially if the pigeon seems exciting or 'fits the bill', as it were. Again, what guides such selection processes is doubtless a BBC mystery to keep.


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