Wednesday 18 March 2015

Jeremy Bowen's tweets about the Israeli election.

That sequence shows Jeremy Bowen posting a mocking ad of Benjamin Netanyahu from one Israeli opposition grouping, the Arab Joint List, plus a tender photo of the leader of the Arab Joint List and his young son - the only such sympathetic photo tweeted by the BBC man.

It also shows Jeremy Bowen passing on the opinion of just one Israel voter and, guess what, he's a "frustrated" one "disgusted" by Mr Netanyahu!

Plus it shows Jeremy Bowen employing loaded language - "mastery of scare tactics" to (as Not a Sheep puts it) "cast aspersions on why Benjamin Netanyahu won".

And, furthermore, it shows Jeremy Bowen giving his characteristically spin on why the Likud leader won - an 'analysis' that drew a response from Colonel Richard Kemp:

Sue and I have been watching JB's Twitter feed too, but I completely missed something that Not a Sheep spotted. On the morning of the election, came this: what Not a Sheep describes as "just the sort of view of Israel that you'd expect from Jeremy Bowen":-

Who, other than a BBC reporter who doesn't really like Israel, would tweet that image to the world accompanied by the caption, "this is one place I've been today, previewing elections in Israel"?


  1. Coming to the conclusion that Jeremy Bowen must have photos of most of the BBC executive branch in bed with a goat. Only way to explain is near immunity to practice his 'craft' in such a way unhindered.

  2. Did Bowen Instagram a selfie of himself with his rent garment as well? Unsubtle is bit of an understatement, but Kemp sure nailed him. The sad part is that we know Bowen is delighted that Hamas is keeping their election promises: try to kill as many Jews as possible and deligitimize the racist Jew State.

    Obama sent one of his campaign operatives with a load of State Dept./taxpayer cash to community organize against Netanyahu. Apparently a lot of Israelis got wind of it with a result much like the Guardian got when it encouraged readers to write letters telling United Statesians how to vote in 2010.

    I can't technically complain about the US trying to influence foreign elections, as we've been doing it for decades. But this is the first time I'm aware of a President trying to unseat the leader of our only ally in an entire region with the goal of weakening that country's security.

    Another foreign policy fail for Obama, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the BBC if a joy to behold. They all agree with Bowen's assessment. That's why he keeps his job as the BBC's leading so-called journalist in the region.

    1. Obama's Operation Clarke County (an Ian Katz initiative I believe) seems rather under the radar here. I doubt the UK national broadcaster will be too keen to 'analyse' it, especially via that investigative powerhouse that is Newsnight.

  3. Here's another tweet on the topic to consider:

    Obama tried harder to influence the Israeli election of 2015 than to support the Iranian uprising of 2009.— David Burge (@iowahawkblog)


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